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Feel the Breeze Inside When the Heat Is Unbearable

Schedule an AC installation for your home in Rougemont, Timberlake, Roxboro, or Treyburn, NC today

When those hot, southern summers hit, you want to find refuge in a cool place. Make your home a sanctuary of comfort by getting an air conditioning installation from MP Mechanical LLC. We’ll install your cooling unit and perform a thorough inspection to make sure it’s performing at an optimal level.

We provide AC installation service in Rougemont, Timberlake, Roxboro, and Treyburn, NC. To schedule your appointment, call 919-937-7844.

Discover the benefits of mini split systems

Many homeowners are making the switch from traditional cooling systems to mini split systems. Here’s why:

They fit perfectly in small spaces
They’re energy-efficient options
They’re easy to install and operate
Our team has the skills and expertise needed to install mini split systems regardless of the make or model.

Ask about setting up an AC installation in Rougemont, Timberlake, Roxboro, or Treyburn, NC.

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